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Bridal Hair Extension Rental Program

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Welcome to our Bridal Hair Extensions Rental Program, where we offer high-quality hair extensions at a fraction of the cost, ensuring every bride achieves her dream wedding day look without breaking the bank.

Is This for You?

Our rental program caters to brides with specific hair needs, including:

  • Naturally Fine Hair: Ideal for brides with naturally fine hair and low density.

  • Desire for Volume and Length: Perfect for brides seeking larger buns or additional length and volume to their natural hair.

  • Dreaming of Hollywood Waves: Suited for brides who envision glamorous Hollywood waves or intricate bun hairstyles.


 Bellami Hair: Your Ticket to Bridal Perfection

We exclusively feature Bellami Hair, a renowned brand synonymous with luxurious extensions, guaranteeing flawless and voluminous bridal hairstyles. With our program, you can enjoy all the benefits of Bellami Hair at a significantly reduced price, with the added convenience of hassle-free service on your wedding day.

 Our Promise of Hygiene and Quality

Rest assured, all extensions undergo thorough cleaning and proper sanitization between each use, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and quality for our clients.


How It Works

1. Matching Process

During your trial, we'll match you with the perfect hair extension to complement your desired bridal hairstyle and use them during your trial. You'll have the opportunity to assess and decide if you want to proceed with renting them for your special day.


2. Consultation and Booking

Hair extension rentals are discussed in detail during a our phone consultation with the bride. Additionally, our Wedding Consult Form, filled out during the initial contact, ensures we capture all your preferences and requirements accurately. You can also add extensions at any point before the wedding, subject to availability.


3. Installation and Delivery

On your wedding day, Haley will bring the matched hair extensions to your wedding day location and seamlessly install them to achieve your desired look. You'll also receive an addressed Bubble Mailer with a bag for easy return.

4. Return Process

After your wedding, you'll have a window of 3-5 days to mail back the extensions using the provided envelope. You're responsible for the shipping fees and must choose a tracked shipping option to ensure safe delivery to Haley.

Alternatively, clients can opt to drop off the extensions at our studio or Haley's home within the allotted time frame, offering flexibility and convenience.

Get in Touch

Ready to elevate your bridal hairstyle with our premium hair extensions? Contact us today to schedule your consultation and secure your dream wedding day look!

Make your bridal hair dreams a reality with our Bridal Hair Extensions Rental Program. Experience luxury without the premium price tag, because every bride deserves to shine on her special day.

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