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Experience live demos of the most requested bridal looks and learn the basics of the bridal industry. How to problem solve real life situations, and conducting a successful consultation. 

Haley and Prisila are

working bridal artist with 17+ years of experience in bridal, print, and production.

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This is a beginner class and it will be only going over the basics. We will offer a level 2 and 3 classes in future. Sign up to receive updates for class release dates.

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The Bridal Academy

Prisila and Haley are Hair and Makeup artist that has been in the bridal business for 17+ combined years and have become two of the most coveted artist in Central Florida. Our books have been filled with weddings, production shoots, photo shoots, and many more. Education is our passion and we are excited to share all of our knowledge about hair and makeup services as well as building your business. This course is designed to give you a kick start to your new career or for artist looking to brush up on basic skills. We are dedicated to elevating the industry and teaching each and every student to reach their full potential.

Our mission at the Bridal academy is to raise the standard in the beauty industry one artist at a time. We educate our artists on how to provide clients with a luxury experience, be successful in their own art, and be constantly improving. Taught by two leaders in the bridal industry we are striving to re-invent the bridal experience.


The Course

This course is offered in 3 sections for one price but can be broken up into 2 days. (Please see prices below) This program will cover all the basis of being a traveling wedding artist from the products you need to taxes and parking. This is a crash course of being a booked artist and managing the artistry and the business. 

In this 3 day course you will learn:

  • How to effectively execute a consultation for both hair and makeup

  • Building a hair and makeup kit and what you need to bring with you to each job

  • Basic updos and updo construction

  • Basic bridal makeup, glam and natural looks

  • Basic bridal business knowledge

  • How to build your portfolio

  • tips and trick of the trade and traveling

  • How to conduct yourself on a job and problem solving

You will earn a certificate of completion

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:


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