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Professional Headshots

Consider your headshot a virtual first impression. Though you may not realize it, how you style your hair, and the softness or severity of your makeup can send a strong message to potential clients without you saying a single word. While I specialize in natural professional and natural glam hair and makeup, I’m happy to discuss the impression you want to make and create a look that works best for your personal brand. Check out Our Brand Yourself Package for full content packages available. 

For my headshot services, I include:

  • Traditional makeup

  • Blowouts

  • Strip and individual lashes

  • Tattoo cover up

  • Curly and textured hair styling


In addition, you also can add touch-up time to any appointment, as well as a custom touch-up bag to keep your look fresh!


Editorial Photo shoots & High Fashion Shoots

As a seasoned hair and makeup artist, I know how sets can vary. No matter the environment, I show up well-prepared and ready to work. I have been internationally published and specialize in abstract and beauty print work, as well as multi-look editorials. Whether you yourself are modeling or you have models under your agency in need of makeup and hair styling, my team and I are available to provide luxury hair and makeup services nationwide.

My print and editorial services include, but aren't limited to:

  • Blowouts

  • Curly and textured hair styling

  • Dry styling

  • Traditional Makeup

  • Strip and individual lashes

  • Tattoo cover ups


In addition, my print and editorial services include on-set touch-ups.

I can readily accomplish any look, such as:

  • Creative

  • Bold

  • Natural

  • High Fashion

  • "No-Makeup" Makeup

  • Soft Glam

  • Clean


I can accomplish any hair and makeup look to fit any theme, style, or model. From Hollywood waves to graphic liners, I can create a picture-perfect look. To see some of my editorial and print work, check out my portfolio!

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Headshots and Photoshoots

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