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Prep for Your Big Day: Your 6-Month Wedding Countdown Checklist!

1. Get Your Glow On: It's Tanning Time


As you prep for that sun-kissed look on your big day, it's time to start the tanning journey. Whether you're opting for a natural tan or testing out a faux glow, now's the perfect time to begin.


🌞 Natural Glow: Start soaking up some sun gradually to achieve that radiant, sun-kissed complexion. Remember, moderation is key!


🧴 Fake It 'til You Make It: Experiment with self-tanners to find the perfect shade that complements your skin tone. Don't forget to do a patch test to ensure you achieve that flawless, natural-looking tan.


⚠️ Skip the Beds: Steer clear of tanning beds; they can pose serious health risks. Embrace safer alternatives for a beautiful and healthy glow.

2. Say Goodbye to Tan Lines: Sunscreen Tips for a Flawless Glow


🌞 Face & Body Protection: Make sunscreen your best friend! Apply a broad-spectrum SPF on both your face and body to shield your skin from harmful UV rays by adding to your body lotion daily.


👙 No More Lines: To avoid tan lines, be generous with sunscreen, especially on areas exposed to sunlight. Pay extra attention to shoulders, arms, and neckline for a seamless tan.


Regular Reapplication: Ensure you reapply sunscreen every two hours, especially if you're spending time outdoors. This keeps your protection intact for an all-over sun-kissed look.

3. Proper Morning and Night Skincare Routine


Embrace ☀️morning and 🌙 night with skincare:

  • Gentle cleanse

  • Hydrating boost

  • Targeted treatment

  • Nourishing moisture


Combat breakouts with:

  • Hands-off policy

  • Post-exercise cleanse

  • Healthy habits

  • Hydration

 4. Radiance Plan: Glow from Within


Elevate your skincare routine by visiting an esthetician:


🌟 Dermaplaning: Bid farewell to dead skin and peach fuzz for a smooth canvas.


💦 Hydrafacial Hydration: Dive deep into skin renewal with a refreshing and hydrating treatment.


Commit to:

  • Sessions every 3 to 6 months for optimal results.

  • Consistent home care for a lasting glow.

5. Set a Date with Your Hairdresser


Don't forget your locks in the wedding prep journey:


✂️ Damage Control: Consult your hairdresser for a personalized product plan to repair and rejuvenate.


🌈 Fresh Hues: Discuss a color strategy for that glossier, vibrant look on the big day.


Take the first step:

  • Schedule an appointment for a tailored haircare session.

  • Follow the recommended homecare routine for ongoing hair love.

Radiant skin, luscious locks – your journey to wedding day perfection begins with self-care. From skincare rituals to haircare indulgence, let every detail reflect the glow within you. Cheers to the beautiful, confident bride-to-be! 💖

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