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Introducing our Bridal Pro Email Templates, specially designed for hair and makeup artists working with brides to assist you in giving your bride 5 star service! As brides are prepping for wedding day, it's crucial to maintain a strong connection with them. With our tested communication timeline you also can ensure your brides feel supported and confident every step of the way.

Our meticulously crafted templates provide the perfect touchpoints at key intervals leading up to the wedding day. 

1. 6 Month Check In Email 

At the 6-month mark, reach out to offer reassurance and guidance as your bride begins to envision her dream look. Share valuable tips and resources to help her navigate the early stages of planning with ease.

2. 3 Month Check In Email 

As the excitement builds at the 3-month milestone, our templates help you check in with personalized messages that demonstrate your commitment to bringing her vision to life. Offer expert advice on skincare routines, trial appointments, and any other preparations she may need to consider.

3. Month Of Wedding

Approaching the month of the wedding, keep the lines of communication open with gentle reminders, confirmation of details and encouragement. Share your excitement for the upcoming day and offer any last-minute tips to ensure she feels calm and prepared.

4. Week Of Email 

Finally, in the week leading up to the wedding, our templates provide a final opportunity to connect and address any last-minute concerns. Reaffirm your dedication to making her feel beautiful and confident on her special day, leaving her with peace of mind and excitement for what's to come.


With our Check-In Email Templates, you can establish yourself as a trusted ally in your brides' wedding journey, providing invaluable support and ensuring they feel comfortable and confident every step of the way. Join us and elevate your client experience to help connect with your brides and reach your goals of giving five star service. 


5. Trial Prep Email 

Guide brides through their hair and makeup trial process with our expertly crafted email template, ensuring every question is answered. Elevate your client experience and secure their trust with this essential tool tailored for hair and makeup artists.

6. Appointment Prep Email 

Elevate your regular services and ensure a smooth experience from booking to the final glam session. This template lays out all the questions about how to prep for a hair and makeup appointment. 

7. Welcome Email for New Inquiries 

Streamline your workflow with this essential tool. Featuring your business statement and offering general booking information and FAQs, it ensures a smooth journey from inquiry to booking and gives brides comfortability when thinking about choosing you. 

Bridal CEO Email Essentials

  • Pdf Files to copy and edit into your CRM or gmail inbox

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