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2024 Wedding In's and Out's: Hair and Makeup Edition

Wedding trends change monthly and we are all trying to keep up. Heres a list of 2024 wedding ins and wedding outs hair and makeup edition.

Bride to be 2024

Wedding In's


  • Embracing effortless and natural looks that truly feel like you.

  • Enhancing your hairstyle with accessories to add a personal flair and elevate your overall look.

  • Transforming your post-ceremony look into a party pony or letting your hair down for a night of dancing.

  • Creating makeup that mirrors your natural self, featuring a fresh, dewy complexion and eye makeup that accentuates your eyes.

  • Applying individual lashes that are so natural and comfortable, you'll forget they're even there!

Bride to be 2024

Wedding Out's


  • Choosing styles that don't align with your natural look and are excessively trendy.

  • Attempting to cater to everyone's preferences instead of focusing on you and your partner on your special day; remember, you're the guest of honor, not just the host.

  • Neglecting skin preparation and skipping facials before the wedding day.

  • Skipping meals on the morning of your wedding – it's essential to nourish yourself, even if it's just something small; prioritize good food and coffee.

  • Delaying the booking of hair and makeup until the last minute, risking your favorite vendor being unavailable – don't wait, secure your bookings early!

Products of the Month

Laneige lip mask

February Makeup Product


Put an end to dry, crusty lips! If you struggle with dryness, consider incorporating this ideal product into your nightly routine a few months before your wedding. The lip Sleeping mask is among the best lip savior products on the market. Ensure you regularly exfoliate your lips for a perfectly hydrated pout on your big day.

Color Wow Dream Coat

February Hair Product


Girlies, we're familiar with the humidity in Florida, and how nasty it can get. One of my top picks to combat frizz is this fantastic product. While no product is a miracle worker, let me assure you, Dream Coat is among the best anti-frizz products available on the market.

Just For Funzies

My favorite hair accessories!

If you're in search of budget-friendly yet beautifully unique hairpieces, be sure to visit JayKay Braids and Bridal. The quality is exceptional, and the prices are remarkably reasonable.

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