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What Do I Need? Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

So it's here, the big day testing out your hair and makeup look for your big day. This is no 1996 prom rodeo this is the real deal. Since most people do not if ever get professional hair and makeup done I want to help guide you in what you need to look for.

First things first make sure you have a trusted artist see my blog here on choosing your wedding day artist. Ideally you can book your trial run on a day you can get some use out of your glam like, your engagement photos, a boudoir shoot, your bridal shower, or just dinner with your partner.

Once You have an ideal day booked you need to look for hair and makeup inspo which I can go on and on explaining. A few key points when looking for inspo, look at photos with your hair color, texture, and skin color. Make sure you know if you have or want something to go in your hair, know if you want it up, down, or half up. Know how much makeup you want for example do you want more natural or more glam? Make sure you are searching specifics.

Secondly it's super important that you trust your artist opinion, or have someone like your mom that will tell you exactly how it is. It's also IMPERATIVE that you speak up, not speaking for everyone but 99.9% of artist will not ever be offended if you want to make any changes to your look. So please tell us, we aren't mind readers and without you telling us we will never know how to fix it. We want to make you happy you are paying us to give you exactly what you want, communication is important.

Wedding day makeup and everyday makeup are verrrry different. You need a little bit more makeup than you are used to and it is going to feel like a whole lot of makeup if you aren't used to it. A few places you need to spice it up are definitely the eyes, you will need slightly bolder brows, and a little pop on the cheek. I feel lipstick is a little controversial in the community, I think you should go with what you are comfortable in. I don't think having a bold lip is super make or break in photos. Although I will say coverage and skinfinish is something that you need to know what style you want. When you are paying thousands of dollars to have photos taken your skin should look flawless and exactly how you want.

When you arrive or your artist arrives to you make sure you have your photos ready to go. Have a good idea of what you are looking to do. We cannot tell you what you want, I have had so many clients frantically on pinterest looking for updos because they can't decide if they want it up or down. Make a plan and talk to your artist,"I don't know what do you think" is a difficult question. My rule of thumb and my answer to this question is always "what will make you feel the most comfortable". If you love the way your face looks with you hair down. DO it down. I have had brides regret when they do what they think will be fun instead of thinking about how they want to look in photos. My advice is to always go with your gut, your first instinct and don't second guess yourself until you see your hair and makeup all together.

Once you begin your hair and makeup session give your artist all of the information you think they need to know. Here is a list of things you should tell them,

  1. What skin type you have? (oily, dry or combo)

  2. Any allergies (food and skin)

  3. If you want false lashes

  4. What type of foundation? read here for more advice on that

  5. Do you want brown eyeliner or black?

  6. Do you like full coverage or natural coverage?

  7. Do you want hair around your face?

  8. Do you have a hairpiece or veil that needs to be placed? (bring this with you if possible)

  9. Does your hair hold a curl well?

  10. Do you want your ears covered?

These are just a few key points that will lead to further discussion. I know its a lot of things, but it's going to assist you both in achieving the perfect outcome. Set yourself up for success in having an idea and answers to those questions.

After you have completed the services its ready for the time test. This is what I tell all my brides to do and it has helped me tremendously with making proper adjustments on wedding day to create a perfect look. Two hours after hair and makeup is finished is the sweet spot, this is when everything needs to look the best. Most of the time this is when you are taking the majority of your posed photos. So two hours after your trial take lots of pictures of how you look. Are you super oily? Have your curls fallen? Does your hair feel secure still? Has any makeup transferred? Then make notes of any adjustments you would like to make and send them to your artist. Have a discussion on wedding day about the changes show them your photos again and add anything you are thinking about. As an artist this helps us choose better techniques, and products.

Hair and Makeup is a collaboration between client and artist. Your wedding day glam is so important to us and you, and we want everything to be perfect and exactly how you want. My best advice is to trust your artist, give them all the detail you can, and communicate as much as possible.


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