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Wedding Day Tips: Essential Advice from Your Bridal Makeup Artist

Dear Beautiful Bride,


Here’s a few things to keep in mind while you’re planning your wedding day glam. We want to ensure your wedding morning goes as smoothly and joyfully as possible. Here are some helpful tips you might not have thought about, curated just for you!

1. Hand Over Your Phone


 Plan to give your Maid of Honor (MOH) your phone. This day is all about you, and you don't need any distractions. Trust your MOH to handle calls and messages so you can stay in the moment.

2. Create a Hype Playlist


Music sets the tone for the day. Put together a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs and bring a portable speaker. It’ll keep the energy high and the mood joyful as you get ready.

3. Capture Candid Moments


Get a disposable camera or a Polaroid to capture the behind-the-scenes moments. These candid shots often turn out to be some of the most cherished memories.


4. Steamer and Dedicated Steamer


Ensure you have a steamer and assign a bridesmaid to be in charge of steaming your dress and any other outfits that need it. Wrinkle-free attire is a must for perfect photos!

5. Emergency Nail Kit

 Have touch-up nail polish, nail polish remover, and nail glue on hand. These items come in handy more often than you’d think for last-minute fixes.

6. Tide Pens


For any unexpected spills or stains, Tide pens are a lifesaver. Keep one nearby to tackle any mishaps quickly.

7. Eye Care Essentials


If you’re prone to tears (happy ones, of course!), make sure to have contact rewetting drops or Lumify on hand. These will help keep your eyes clear and refreshed for all those emotional moments.

8. Blanket or Jacket


If it’s chilly in the getting-ready room, a cozy blanket or jacket can make a big difference. You want to stay comfortable and warm before the festivities begin.

9. Straws for Beverages


We provide straws in your touch-up kit, but having extra on hand for all your beverages can help keep your lipstick intact and make sipping easier while getting ready.


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Remember, this day is all about celebrating you and your love story. With these tips, you’ll be ready for anything and can focus on enjoying every precious moment.


Wishing you a magical and unforgettable wedding day!


Haley Finegan


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